Wish To Marry A Russian Lady? Here’s How You Hear The Precious “Yes”!

Dead Serious And Wish To Marry A Russian Lady? These 3 Hacks Will Teach You The Art Of Hearing “I Do”!

So, you wish to marry a Russian lady? Sorry to bring you some really bad news, but you are not the first one and most definitely not the last. Many have already failed this complicated challenge. What makes you different? What makes you the man, who’s worth hearing: “Я Согласна! – I do!”?

To tell you the truth, marriage with Russian women is not as simple as it might seem from the first glance. All processes require tons of preparation, a solid background, a history together and sincere, pure feelings. In other words marriage to a Russian woman is not all that different from a wedding with a European or American.

Although the phrase “not too different” does not equal to such broad and plane words as: “the same”.

The main issue that makes marriage impossible

Too many have already fallen into a common misconception. They have believed that all Russian women desire from marriage is money and citizenship in the EU. And these men have treated Slavic beauties accordingly.

Answer this simple question: how will a lady treat you if you consider her a prostitute? After all, love for cash and a VISA are not that different from the world’s oldest profession. Yeah, you probably know where this is headed. Something as offensive won’t work in the groom’s favor.

How do I make things right?

My friend Max has married a Russian woman and I’m guilty of the same lucky decision. And both of us have succeeded with three simple guiding lights our fathers have taught us:

  • Number one: treat a lady with due respect. One can’t expect girls to act as desired simply because they are told so. Women are not mindless dolls and, in the end of the line, you will get what you asked for. Blind obedience will grow into a mask, the perfect cover for an unexpected betrayal. Now, who wants that, especially given the hot temper Slavic beauties are known for?
  • Number two: give love to get passion. You can’t completely tame the wild, reckless bear, which lives inside even the tenderest of the northern flowers. But you can direct that raw might accordingly. Married Russian women respond to love with blind passion and they will do everything to keep family members happy, safe and satisfied. That’s why they make the best wives if their husband loves them enough to tame the wilderness.
  • Number three: allow them to bloom and blossom in maternity. Slavic ladies can’t imagine a future without children. They need to take care of somebody 24/7. Without a little son or a pretty daughter you will end up as the perfect target for their overprotective parenting instincts. If you don’t want that to happen – and you probably shouldn’t desire such an outcome – enjoy all pleasures of parenting together.

These three simple advices, given from men who are married to Russian women are really all it takes. Hold on to your shoes, an amazing “happily ever after” is coming!