Are Russian Girls For Me? One Question with Billions of Answers

Have you ever heard legends about the Amazons? Warrior women who are bold enough to enter armless combat with a lion! Their skills in archery were unmatched; all of them were slim, fit and gorgeous. All of them were proud and independent!

These girls are a dream come true, unless they are not. Yes, some men would prefer their bold, reckless courage and skills over a friendlier, tenderer spouse.

And then there are Chinese geishas. These women were trained to be charming, loving and quiet, adore masculine men, are great listeners, cooks and mothers and are also proud with millions of admirers all across the globe.

But is any of these two types superior in one way of the other? The real answer is – it depends. It depends on what you wish to see in a woman.

Are Russian girls for me?” is a question no one but you can answer. However, we can provide you with some great tips and information about the Slavic beauties.

What’s a Russian girl like?

Russians are always seen from a far in foreign countries. These ladies can be wearing a baseball hat, huge shaded glasses and an old pair of jeans – it won’t matter. People always know a Russian when they see one.


An insane amount of men finds Slavic beauty irresistibly attractive. They dream of affairs with these wild hotties as it might turn out as the brightest event of their lives! That happens because Russian ladies care about their looks, use makeup, creams, masks and whatever other feminine tricks to look like a new dollar every second of their lives.

Same can’t be said about Europeans or Americans. They simply don’t care enough.


Slavic charmers have the might of a forest fire burning inside them. They have access to limitless energy powered with passion and desire and know what they want and how to get it.

In fact, there is a saying in Russia that states their women can stop running horses mid jump. It’s not an issue for them to enter a burning house if there’s a kitten inside of it. And these qualities are like a magnet to men. Most are attracted to those exact aspects of Slavic psychology.


The best part about it all is that you can get the whirl of emotions and passions all for yourself!  Russians are insanely loyal, after they’ve chosen a partner. Something snaps inside them after these girls hear wedding bells.

Yes, their reckless energy and crazy temper don’t go anywhere. They are simply redirected. All of it goes to the favor of their husband. As you can see, Russian girls hate to dominate over men. They prefer being to feel the care and to be looked out for. That’s why they will give the steering wheel of their life in your brave, muscular hands.

So the question is – do you want all of that?